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Kevin Harvick: 'There's nothing better than winning'

The best days of Harvick’s Cup Series career are over, and he’s amassed a 65-game winless streak over the past two years.

Yet in the space of eight days, Harvick has done what he has done countless times – convincingly proving his doubters wrong, and loving its every minute.

Not only did Harvick end his winning streak with his win at Michigan last weekend, but he had another win at Richmond on Sunday.

Sunday’s win was the 60th of his career — making him one of only 10 drivers in series history to mark Mark.

The talk of retirement suddenly turned to the Bakersfield Californian’s second Pro Cup winner.

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  • “I grew up racing with A lot of people, they’re retired and doing other things, but I can still see them,” Harvick said. “It’s those quiet high fives that are fun and kind of keep things right for me because you’re older and should be done and on a path that’s close to the finish.

    “I Always take pride in your efforts to stay competitive and do everything you can to stay competitive and make sacrifices to stay competitive. But I am enjoying it. Nothing beats winning. This is what we do.

    “I don’t know how to really look at it all because it’s not something I stop and really look at. I never really stop and ask, ‘Where are these 60 wins?’

    Kevin Harvick, Stewart Haas Racing, Mobil 1 Ford Mustang

    Photo by Gavin Baker / NKP / Motorsport Images

    Harvick will have plenty of time to reminisce, especially when he stops playing and he will be the No. 1 vote in the Hall of Fame.

    But why look back now when you have a lot of chances to win? It’s hard to reflect on your career when you’re still in the process of adding milestones.

    “When it’s over, you can look at all these things, and if you give it all, hopefully you can make it,” Harwick said. “We have a group of people who have a lot in common on our team, very similar ages, a lot of them have kids, and for whatever reason it all comes together.

    “It’s just this constant communication, we never talked about how cool it was before two wins. We’re going to talk about what it’s like to win this week, and then it’s going to be, “Okay, see you Wednesday.”

    “Maybe sometimes I need to stop and accept that it’s all there, but I don’t know, when you I always feel like it’s bragging when I stop and talk about myself. It’s really not my opinion of what’s going on that I stop and say, “That’s cool. “

    “I thought it was cool that I could put my little girl in the car last week and we could do something like this. These are the things that I think are pretty neat right now. “



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