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Key mistake mars German's stellar start in Yankees loss

18 a few minutes ago

NEW YORK — Gleber Torres hits a grounder in the seventh to open the door for a 3-pointer, Seiya Suzuki takes The Yankees headed into the All-Star Game with a 7-4 loss to the Cubs at Yankee Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Domingo Gehrman was strong until Suzuki hit in the fifth A home run out of left field rallied Chicago. Germán was lifted after a 74 pitch in favor of Ian Hamilton, who allowed Christopher Morel to hit a possible double play to end the seventh.


Torres was unavailable. Jared Young grounds Tommy Kahnle with a run and Yan Gomes hits a pinch, 2-hit to tie the game .

German strikes out nine in over six innings, three pars allowed only One hit.


Anthony Volpe and Kyle Eastgun at Six innings of home runs underscored the Yankees’ attack on Cubs starter Kyle Hendricks, who allowed in 5 2/3 innings.

Volpe hits a 2-pointer, followed by Tooka, to the Right singles. Anthony Rizzo scored a run-run double in the first inning.




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