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Kichi Uekawa Releases New Manga

complicated-omega Image provided by Tokyopop March Houwenshe of

magazine announced on Friday Kichi Uekawa


, pictured on the right) is launching a film called Shiikuin no Onee-chan ni Koishita Penguin New comics from (a penguin in love with the zookeeper’s sister) April .

Tokyopop authorizes Shangchuan () Manga, which describes the story:

Sakura, a player at the top of the game The office worker, for a large company, has a complex about being an Omega. He hated Alpha for always oppressing Omega, and determined not to marry for life. One day, however, he loses his memory in a bizarre accident and finds himself and his colleague – Alpha Narushige, whom he always thought was his rival – somehow become partners! At first, Sakura was firmly opposed to this arrangement, but gradually Cheng Cheng’s firm sympathy, trust and love as a partner left Sakura, and Sakura found himself attracted to him…

Kamikawa at Gentosha Lynx June Issue

, and ends in February 2021. The manga booklet will be released in Japan in March 2021.

Source: March 14 question

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