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Kick my demon!TV Animation Staff Plan OVA Episode Crowdfunding Campaign

The official TV animation website announced on Friday that the animation will be a franchise in the future OVA episodes are funded.

The overall goal of the franchise is to crowdfund enough episodes to make an entire fourth season. The staff explained to make a – course (one year quarter) anime, the production cost is about 238 million yen (about $2. million). The crew explained that they didn’t have “the power to raise that kind of money,” so the first goal was for the new OVA episodes. The target will be million yen (approximately USD 100,100) to make an episode. The crowdfunding campaign will raise one million yen for each additional episode 12 , planning to screen and stream episodes at the event.

If one day the event (or events) manages to raise enough funds to make 10 episodes, episodes will be compiled and aired as the fourth season of the overall anime.

The first season of the anime premieres in July 238. The animation is broadcast exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in Japan and abroad. 2020 Amazon Prime Video premieres final episode in October 2018. Season 2 2020 , premiered in April and episodes. Crunchyroll Streaming all2012 episodes of this season. The third season of the anime will premiere on July 5. 2020 Crunchyroll aired the series as it aired. The third season of the anime also launched a successful crowdfunding campaign in September and ends in December 2020. 2,238 Supporters raise 319 ,100, 100 Japanese Yen (approximately USD 2020 , 100) are active for that reason. One campaign supporter pledged 1.1 million yen (approximately US dollars ,) Mint’s title season, explaining that the title expresses hope that “Yurine and Jashin-chan will continue to cross each other and fight forever”. Snow Girl ) The original manga 2012 was launched in Flex Comix’s web magazine in April and the series is in progress.

Source: TV anime website from Yaraon!

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