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KidSuper Spring 2024 Menswear

“Collm assured me this door wasn’t going to be a complete shit show,” Mike Amiri said as we approached the entrance. Dylan gets what he wants: Unlike last season, this is a partial shit show. However, like last season, this KidSuper show took place in a theater (the wholesome Odéon) with an audience packed to the rafters.

Following on from last summer’s stellar comedic performance last summer, Dylan has decided to stage a

minute drama this time around, Entitled “How to Have an Idea”. The general premise is that a creatively stymied Dylan (playing himself) is at such a catastrophic impasse that he finds himself crawling out of his ear piercing (the sets are usually top-notch, albeit clunky) cute). He enters his own brain, where he is interrogated by various competing voices in his mind (his mother, of course, is one of them). There are some funny moments, including a great Easter egg for fans of the great Eric Cantona, and it’s clear that a lot of creative heat went into the creation of the show , like everything Dillane has done thus far, dares to be different.

Unfortunately, however, this is to KidSuper what “Never Let Me Down” was to David Bowie: an exceptionally disappointing project from a fine artist. As an expert on bad writing (which I do every night), my diagnosis is that Dylan lacks a decent editor (thankfully I don’t). The jokes are flat, the philosophy is clumsy, the plot doesn’t exist, and certain scenes—especially the quiz scene with Dylan in his underwear—don’t fit the story or the audience. Dylan’s actors all did their best with the material. In particular contested was Elizabeth Wautlet, who had to utter a sentence so long that it turned “dice” into a conversation.

What’s great about the auction is that it does so by showing the clothes front and center they’ve so cleverly built around this conceit: Plus, it includes a truly revealing ending. This comedy show lacks the elegantly innovative function between fashion and show, but you’ll forgive it because the night was so much fun. Tonight’s KidSuper experiment neither showcases the series (you barely see it) nor has the compensating advantage of being highly entertaining in its own right. So it performed mediocre. However, Dylan will no doubt return next season with something brighter. KidSuper fans (including this one) intend to stay tuned, as evidenced by some of his previous Louis Vuitton cameo appearances (not to mention his current appearance at Meta).



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