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Kim Kardashian Is In Her Rodeo Fashion Phase

It’s been a big fashion year for Kim Kardashian. We’ve seen her cycle through a slew of style eras, from superhero silhouettes to La Dolce Vita

glamour. What’s the latest theme on Kim’s wardrobe agenda? Western-inspired pieces – very cool with a healthy element.

The 42 year-old was at a holiday party at Kathy Hilton’s home this week Entrepreneurs served up an ensemble of eye-catching cropped outfits. The look includes a black vintage t-shirt (merchandise tour of Up in Smoke West Coast Hip Hop from 90) , rolled up to reveal her midriff, along with embellished black leather high-waisted pants, black leather pumps and a studded mini bag. The latter three pieces are all from Dolce & Gabbana — the reality mogul has developed a close relationship with the label this year, even curating its spring 2023 collection. Kim finished it off with a diamond-encrusted choker and a cross necklace.

Photo: Getty Images

On her recent trip to Art Basel Miami, Kardashian opted for a similar collection of appetizing western style clothing.




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