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Kindness: Seth Rogen talks about Seth's crafting, balancing Hollywood with hobbies, and why weed is health for him

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From mantras to meditation, from mindfulness to manifestation, kindness provides an intimate view of making room for self-care in meaningful ways, No matter the size.

Seth Rogen is currently very blonde. “It’s for a TV show,” he revealed via Zoom from his Los Angeles home, stroking a short crop with distinctly black roots. “On the show, I play someone who’s having a midlife crisis, so, of course,” Rogan laughs, turning a just-rolled knuckle with his fingers. exist024, the actor, director, writer, and producer themselves are entering middle age, but there doesn’t seem to be a looming crisis; if anything, Rogan appears to be thriving. In addition to some upcoming show projects, including Steven Spielberg’s TIFF favorite, The Fabelmans — Freaks and Geeks Alumni are Early accolades for this — Rogen finally became the brand’s founder and within a year launched Houseplant, a curated collection of cannabis and cannabis-adjacent homewares and accessories that also feeds the ceramic enthusiasm he’s heard about on the internet a platform.

“My pottery journey and my houseplant journey paralleled in a really nice way,” Rogan explains how for himself The home search for a nice ashtray led to a realization: “It doesn’t seem like the last one did a new one years.” As he became more serious about pottery, his wife Lauren M. Lauren Miller Rogen brought him into the pastime, and Rogen began experimenting with ashtray designs and then rolling trays, many of which have been prototypes that have become some of the best-sellers for houseplants. “I’m super happy because the brand really grew out of what I was already doing.” The home studio has allowed Rogan to further hone his throwing and styling skills during the pandemic. “Having your own kiln is like a really enlightening thing in terms of learning and experimenting,” he explains, explaining that design freedom has brought advancements, such as his ‘gloopy’ glaze technique, which has recently spawned interiors One of Plant’s newest ashtrays (and an unexpected viral manicure moment). It also led him to start hoarding his own work.

“My closet is full of shit,” Rogen reveals, and while he’s been gifting the pieces to friends or donating them to charity auctions for the past few years, he’s decided to make Seth fit their needs: Today, Rogen will be launching a collection of pieces by Seth Four original, handcrafted vases will be given away to four lucky winners through a raffle on “I don’t want to stock up on this stuff for myself,” Rogan said of the colorful pieces named after characters from Point Break and Demolition Man

(The smallest of the bunch, “Johnny Utah” is a sweet 3 ” x 2.5” container for great versatility). “It seemed like a fun way to get them into people’s hands,” adds Rogen. Here, Multihyphen talks about his creative process, vintage hunting in Palm Springs, and why, for him, weeds is health.

1. Keep your brain busy

I have always had a lot of hobbies. Like, I’m always looking for new creative outlets. I’m someone who has to admit that I do like hanging out, doing nothing, watching TV, movies, and shit, but I also love something creative that appeals to me. When I work in film or television, I like to have a lot of different things that appeal to me. I actually enjoy juggling lots of different things at once – jumping around helps a lot. I’ve been a huge fan of photography for a long time – I think every actor goes through it at some point or another. Then I got really into gardening and started making my own bonsai; I painted for a while. I’ve always wanted to create tactile art, but I’m really not very good at it. I’m not a good painter, in the traditional figurative sense, you know what I mean? It’s like when you’re in art class, you can see good kids and bad kids very quickly, and I was like, no. But my wife did pottery in high school, and occasionally she would join a studio and she would say, “We should go to class together. I think you’ll like it.” And then we did, and I liked it, that’s it. We went to the game. It has become a really great thing we can do together.

2. Making pottery

Almost all ceramics have some feel. They’re organic – made of dirt, covered with sand, and the sand is heated and turned into glass, essentially. I mean, there are other things in there, but that’s the core of it. It’s something that’s been around for tens of thousands of years, and it’s very comforting and unique, and my other work is the exact opposite. I love making movies and TV shows, but with those things, you have the idea in your head that you want to express, and you really need, like, 89 people do it. Otherwise, you just can’t do it. It’s really hard! Essentially, it’s very expensive, crazy and complicated. So it’s good to do something expressive and seem to get good reviews from people. I can do it on my own, I don’t need the finances of a big media conglomerate to help realize my vision. As a result, the scale is quite different, but its simplicity is excellent.

Houseplant ashtray set in moss by Seth
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Image may contain: Animal, Reptile, Snake, and Ashtray

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3. Surround yourself with beautiful things

I entered through the world of manga with a group of friends who doodled in high school design and art. So I would read

Juxtapose magazines in the nineties and stuff like that In some ways, it became a weird backdoor route to high-end art and design, because a lot of the artists I started following — Faile, Shepard Fairey, and Kaws — all transitioned into that world. So I defer to my interest and then when we make

This Is The End , what’s interesting is that we built a house — it’s like the whole house is in this house, and my writing and directing partner, Evan [Goldberg], and I really like furniture, furniture Design, fixtures, lighting and materials, all of a sudden, for the first time, I’ve unabashedly allowed myself to really like these things in so many ways. That movie was really what got me hooked. But I keep collecting stuff. I think it might be a Jewish trauma I inherited. We probably instinctively keep as much as possible because…you never know! So, when I like something, my instinct is to get as much of it as possible. Collecting comic books was a bit of a transition to these Japanese vinyl toys, and then I was trying to buy nice ashtrays for my home, and I started going online to buy vintage ashtrays. Smoking is obsolete, but when something catches on, it attracts creative minds, and in “13sand’024, and before that, all these great creative minds, architects and designers are designing ashtrays. This is definitely one of the thought processes that inspired us to do with houseplants. I’m no higher than any used ashtray dealer. I’ve found all of these stores online and I’ve been there in person Antiques and vintage stores. I found some great ones in Palm Springs. I think I’m done 100 Now.

Juxtapoz Magazine 0308 Vol. 2 #3


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Super7 Japanese Vinyl Mummy Boy
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Just Vintage La Solana Ashtray

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4. Tobacco

Now, smoking weed in culture It’s acceptable, thank goodness, in most of the country it’s not enough, but mostly it is. I’m from Vancouver and it’s very, very acceptable there. Everyone smoked marijuana when I was growing up and I’ve been smoking since I was a kid old, this is not necessarily something I recommend! [laughter. ] But this is well documented for me. Now, I smoke marijuana every day and I love it. Thank god it’s there because it seems to be what I need. I know weed works for me. You’re going to have a hard time getting me somewhere I can’t smoke weed because it doesn’t seem reasonable to me [laughs]. I equate it with, say, wearing glasses or shoes. It’s just one thing I do to make the journey through my day easier to navigate. Can I get through my day without glasses or shoes? Yes. Will it be much worse? certainly. I really see it that way.

5. Keep the family close My wife has an incredible influence on anything I do creatively because I am always with She talks about all these things, and she has great taste and opinion. I actually wanted to find a way to convince her to let [Houseplant] make versions of these really cool vases she made! There was something we made together and she threw it and I fixed it or something like that or I glazed it and she designed it. But we haven’t done anything “official” together yet. Still, we talk about it, and we should. Of course, we are willing to cooperate. We work great with our dog. She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and she just turned another day. She’s grumpy and slow now, but it’s so nice. We actually modeled a lighter out of her. She is a true inspiration for all of us. [Laughed. ]

Houseplant Zelda Lighter Box

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