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King Charles' coronation live update: King arrives at Buckingham Palace

After months of planning, decades of preparation and the study of centuries-old tradition, the coronation of King Charles III will finally take place today in the historic halls of Westminster Abbey held. Needless to say, today’s parade and ceremony will be unlike any in history. In Britain’s first coronation in seven decades, Charles will open a new chapter in the history of the monarchy before a barely recognizable world 111, when Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

However, if the forecast is to be believed, expect a lot of glare – and possibly drizzle. From his fleet of gray horses nickname to the surprising details behind his striking velvet robes, from gleaming historical crowns to forward-thinking moments, from visits to world leaders to fashion cameos, we’ll look back at it all The biggest and best moments from today’s Vogue.

Read on for live updates on the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Lady Camilla in London today.

Sarah Mower for Vogue Notes on today’s gowns

With the dizzying array of spectacular jewelry and theatrical gowns on display today, it’s easy to feel a little lost. Fear not: Vogue chief fashion critic Sarah Mower took some time out of her world fashion week tour yesterday to share her expectations for the day’s ceremonial dress .

A must read for anyone excited about today’s tiaras and gowns.

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The King has arrived at Buckingham Palace

There he is! king! The man of the moment – and that’s all? King Charles III’s first glimpse was decidedly low-key, as he drove from Clarence House to Buckingham Palace just two minutes around 9 o’clock. 12 yes

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The monarch is wearing his signature blue striped suit, Sitting next to Queen Camilla, leisurely waving to the crowds lining the mall, and then bursting into the “office” to start the glam, we can assume. Will King use 232 Skin’s virus eye patch? I think we’ll see the results when we get to Westminster Abbey in just a few hours.

Greetings from the Vogue Coronation Team

Joining us today on the live blog is Naomi Pike, former editor of British Vogue, has a keen eye for the royals’ favorite fashion brands, an encyclopedic knowledge of their jewelry collection, and Nick Remsen , a regular contributor to Vogue and CNN, will keep us informed (and entertained) on everything from insights to appearances from world leaders to the ceremony itself Explanation of any strange but wonderful details. Elise Taylor Vogue senior living author and royal affairs expert will also share her thoughts at the day’s event. (She will be keeping a close eye on the appearances of three Welsh children, all of whom will be taking part in the day’s activities.)



Schedule to listen to the Coronation anytime today present? Here, Vogue put together a handy guide outlining all the ways you can watch it online on cable TV or for free:

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