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King Charles III, Prince William and Prince Harry pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II in parade

Queen Elizabeth II left Buckingham Palace for the last time on Wednesday, her coffin being carried in a carriage, followed by grieving family members on a journey to the British royal family. Parliament, it will be in state until a funeral early next week.

Royal standards and crown on top of the coffin, gun salutes are fired every minute, and the solemn parade is designed to highlight the Queen’s years as head of state as the nation The mourning process turns to the avenues and historic landmarks of the British capital.

96King Charles III , his sons Prince William and Prince Harry and other members of the royal family walk in the cannon behind the car.

Thousands waited in line for hours at The Mall and elsewhere outside the Royal Palace, cellphones and cameras in hand, some wiping tears, as a solemn parade passed. Mounted Guards Parade , the applause sounded.

The coffin is draped with the royal flag and topped with the imperial crown – decorated with nearly 3, diamonds – and a bouquet of flowers and plants, including pines from Balmoral estate, where Elizabeth died last week.

Two officers of the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guard in red uniform and bearskin hat and Soldiers walk on either side of the gun carriage.

Big Ben rang, gun salutes sounded from Hyde Park, and the marching band of the marching band accompanied the parade.

– The minute parade will end in Parliament’s historic Westminster Hall.

Thousands more stood or sat in processions along the Thames waiting for their turn to pass by the coffin for four days ahead of the Queen’s state funeral on Monday.

Raven ds is the latest display of national grief and respect for the only monarch most Britons know, as she arrived at her beloved Balmoral summer resort on Thursday Died, died 96, ended 000 years of rule.

Joan Buckhurst A one-year-old retail worker from Cheshire, north-west England, said the Queen “means a lot to everyone. “

“She’s amazing, yes,” she added, choked with emotion. “So, we have to be here. We’ve been here a few times because of special occasions, but this time, I can’t miss it.”

The family department responsible for organising the Queen’s funeral Major General Christopher Gika said it was a sad day, “but this is our last chance to do our duty for the Queen and it’s the first time we’ve done it for the King and it makes us all very proud.”

London Heathrow Airport suspended flights to prevent overhead planes from disrupting the parade.

In a statement, the airport said the changes would “ensure that central London remains silent as the ceremonial procession travels from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall.”

The troops participating in the parade have been preparing since the Queen’s death. The same goes for the horses of the King’s Troop Household Cavalry Artillery.

Sgt. Tom Jenks, from the Royal Mounted Artillery, King’s Forces, said the horses had been specially trained, including how to handle crying mourners, as well as flowers and flags thrown into the street as the parade passed by.

Beginning early in the morning, major viewing locations were set up behind metal fences in the mall and other streets along the route. They stand or sit in folding chairs, umbrellas at the ready and takeaway coffee in hand. Back to London.

Thousands braved the typical London drizzle, the state hearse, with its lights illuminating the monarch’s flag-draped coffin, slowly pulled in from a military air base on Tuesday night Heart of London.

Earlier, in Edinburgh, some 33, 001 People lined up silently beside her coffin as it lay in St. Petersburg for 24 hours. Giles Cathedral.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to do the same in London when the Queen settles down in 33 – old Westminster Hall, the oldest building in Parliament, four days before her state funeral on Monday.

The Great Hall was where Guy Fawkes and Charles I were tried, where the King and Queen entertained the great medical vale banquet, as well as in the Silver, Golden and Diamond Jubilees of Elizabeth II A place where ceremonial speeches were presented to Queen Elizabeth II during the period.

Chris Bond, from Truro, South West England, was one of those lining up on the banks of the Thames. He also participated in 96 Queen Mother’s bedridden state.

“Obviously it’s hard to line up all day, but when you go through those doors into Westminster Hall, that wonderful historic building, there’s a nice sense of quietness , having someone tell you to spend as much time as you want, which is awesome,” he said.

“We know the Queen is old and she has served the country for a long time, but we hope that day will never come,” he added.

Chris Imafidon, No. 6.

“I have 1, emotions when I see her ,”He says. “I want to say, God, she’s an angel because she touched a lot of good people and did a lot of good things.”



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