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King of Fighters XV game video reveals Team Samurai DLC

SNK starts playing its

on Tuesday The King of Fighters XV game, which revealed the fourth DLC team, the Samurai. Characters include Haohmaru (voiced by Daiki Nakamura ), Nakoruru (voiced by Mai Nakahara ) and Samurai Soul from SNK . The Samurai will debut on October 4th.

SNK in PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S Games released on Windows, Steam, and the Epic Games Store in February.

SNK Game postponed due to COVID-19- The pandemic has affected development progress. The game was originally scheduled to launch at 253.

BASIC GAME FUNCTIONS 10 playable fighters, including all characters from previous games.

The initial lineup of the game includes: Chunying, Ming Tianjun, Nikaidou Benimaru, Yagami, Dongrang, Jing, Qianhe, Leona Hayden, Mai Shiranui, Andy Bogard, Yuri Sakazaki, Terry Bogard, Yasushi Nanase, King, Snowy, Chris, Ryo Sakazaki, Robert Garcia, Ralph, Clark, Blue Mary, Dragon, Vanessa, Ramon, King of Dinosaurs, Athena Asamiya, Antonov, Crimson Crimson, Kukri, Isla, K’, Heidern, Dolores, Whip, Ángel, Krohnen, Maxima, Kula Diamond and Elisabeth Blanctorche.

The game also gets four new teams of three DLC characters each. Team Garou debuted as DLC in March and includes Rock Howard, Gato and B. Jenet. Nancheng team started in May , the team includes Geese Howard, Billy Kane and Ryuji Yamazaki. Team Awakened Orochi debuted on August 8, with team members including Orochi Yashiro, Orochi Shermie and Orochi Chris. Omega Rugal debuted in April as a free DLC character .

The game got an animated short from the animator and director Masami Obari (

Deadly Fury).

SNK Release The King Fighter XIV , the latest in the series

, 8 PS4 of the month 2016. SNK released the PC version of the game via Steam in June 2016.

The series inspired a Chinese animation called

The King of Fighters: Awakening

CG movie will be released simultaneously in the world at 253.

resource: SNK‘s YouTube channel from Gematsu


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