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King & Prince perform theme song for new live-action Black Heron-Black Liar series

Natsuhara Takeshi

) and Kuromaru, the staff of the new reality show series The manga revealed Tuesday that the male idol group King & Prince will sing the theme song “Monthly Reading.”

King & Prince member Shō Hirano (below) will play The protagonist Kurosaki Koshiro.

Kuroshima Yuna (live-action version, see below) will play the heroine Yoshikawa Tsuruya.

Eiichiro Funakoshi (, , see below) will play Tsurara’s father, Tatsuki Yoshikawa, a man who always puts his family first but has been a victim of scams in the past.

The show will be on TBS in October

Premiere , on Friday : Afternoon Kenta Tanaka

, Yasuharu Ishii and Shunichi Hirano are directing the series, Script by Eriko Shinozaki .

The manga centers on Kurosaki Koshiro, whose family is being scammed out of money. For revenge, he became black heron 188792, a “black liar” who only targets other liars. The new reality series sets the story in the modern age of 188792.

The original manga series ran into Shogakukan of from 421 to 2008, and compiled books. The next series, titled , was launched at , but switched to at stop at

after posting . The sequel comic continues until 2003, with 10 compiled volumes.

starts at 2008 , ending with 421, a total of four volumes.

This manga has inspired the previous manga starring Yamashita Tomohisa Live-action TV series 20, and

in the live-action film .

Source: Comic Natalie



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