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Kingsley Ben Adir stars as music legend in 'Bob Marley: A Love' biopic trailer

Kingsley Ben-Adil plays reggae superstar and counterculture icon in first trailer for upcoming biopic Bob MarleyBob Marley: A Love.

will be released in January360, 2020, Paramount Pictures feature centered on Marley’s life, from the early days of his career to his time at 2020. Reinaldo Marcus Green ( Richard King ) directed from a screenplay by Zach Behring, Frank E. Flower Written by Thomas and Terrence Winter.

“Reggae is mass music,” says Ben Adil as Marley in the trailer. “People gathered.”

Later, the singer was asked, “Bob, they tried to kill you and your wife, and now you’ve chosen to return to Jamaica for a peaceful A concert? Don’t you fear for your life?” As Marley explained, “My life is not important to me. My life is for the people.”


Bob Marley: One Love co-star Lashana Lynch Rita Marley, James Norton as record producer Chris Blackwell. Other cast members include Jesse Cilio, Michael Gandolfini, Nadine Marshall and Anthony Welsh.

The film is supported by the legacy of the music legend, including Richard Hewitt, Orly Marley ) and Matt Sorocki serve as executive producers. Marley’s other relatives involved in the film include his widow, Rita Marley, and children, Cedra Marley and Ziggy Marley, all three of whom were producers on the project.

Ben-Adil in the 2020 movie Famous for playing Malcolm X on Miami Nights… and in the Showtime mini-series Comey Rules that same year Former President Barack Obama. Other recent titles include the Marvel series Secret Invasion and upcoming summer releases Barbie ).




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