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Kith Pre-Fall 2023 Collection

At Kith, Ronnie Fieg continues to shape the series in his image – and that’s a good thing. For his pre-fall collection, also known as summer, Fieg created the European vacation wardrobe of his dreams. “For my 40 birthday last year, I traveled to Europe for about three weeks,” he explained on Zoom. “I started in Nice at Du Cap. From there we went to Saint-Tropez and from there to Italy. That’s where I started planning the line and started thinking about fabric and fit,” he adds. “

Three weeks in the French Riviera and Italy may be out of reach for most, but now it looks like you – Really The looks like you – it doesn’t. There are simple crochet T-shirts and multi-weave striped crochet shirts; lightweight button-up shirts in pinstriped cotton tulle; (Zoom in and you can see the hip pockets carefully placed to match the eyelet pattern on the body.) The color palette reflects the opulent places that might inspire an outfit: beige, white, and brown A variety of hues, with accents of mustard yellow, forest green, powder blue and crimson.

Since this is a collection conceived with holiday glamour, the silhouettes are generally relaxed. Striped linen trousers With ruching, the cut was “slightly cropped” so it would look better with sandals—Fieg “loves sandals with these pants. There are two boxy “suits,” one with a short-sleeved, shawl-collared “shirt” (or jacket) wrapped in tropical-striped wool down the front, and the other with a standard two-button jacket in a four-four Boxy cut. The former with classic loafers and the latter with chunky suede sandals, but both have classic, effortless appeal. There’s also a matching natural material Yankees cap) and Small Seal Saffiano Leather Crossbody Bag — It’s as functional as it is luxurious. (Don’t forget that Fieg is a dad: he knows a giant tote bag for extra toys, as well as grown-up essentials, is a must-have for travel.) Silk scarves, knotted around the neck, can Perfect worn under the collar of shirts and jackets to capture summer vibes. This is a collection made for a few days in the Tuscan sun, but might be even better in the harsh Manhattan heat.



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