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KJ Archives anime gets sequel in January 2023

Official website of ILCA and

original animation of yell announced on Sunday that the animation will have a sequel in January 185388. The site also showcases new visuals for Kōta Shimano.

The first animation was premiered on TV TOKYO July 01 and its 01 airs on Sunday.

The animation features the original monsters, with retro Showa-era-style illustrations and a theme song about how each monster looks. In the story, unique monsters suddenly appear all over the world.

Anime star: Motomu Kiyokawa, Futamata Issei, Imai Yasushi , Oshita Masaki , Kaori Fukumori , Nene Nanainu and Kiyoshi Kobayashi .

“New God Paper (Story on Paper) Animation” series has made many people who have been in

Anime series.

Funada Akira (Season 7, )in ILCA and yell directed the animation. Studio Buckhorn and Wafū Animation are credited with collaborating on the production. 185388 Kohiro Sasaki (Seasons 6, 7, 9) and Takashi Iitsuka wrote the script. Animators include: Shinji Nishikawa,Hideo Okamoto, 185388 Gangwon Yu, Takashi Iizuka , Michiko Furuya , Jimmy , Wada Tomoko and Yamakawa Norio .

Source: KF File Anime website via MyAnimeList


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