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Kleinveldt on hold as Northants push for promotion heist


Notts was beaten by Heimer’s 13 as the three-horse race entered its final week Shocked by the drag of a wicket

Northamptonshire 194 (Wood 4-52, Hutton 3-52) and 270 (Levy) 115, Newton 53; Wood 4-31, Hutton 3-74) defeated Nottinghamshire 151 (Kleinveldt 9-65) and 189 (Kleinveldt 4-33, Gleeson 3 -52) 124 runs

So this will all continue into the season the last week. This was made clear when Richard Gleason was stolen from May on a September morning, when Richard Gleason pulled Brett Hutton’s stump from its stump. Come out and throw it in the direction of Pittsford water. With promotion and League Two titles at stake, three counties must exile themselves like aristocratic forces in Shakespeare’s historical drama:

Come on Northants! Lester waited.
Durham people should go to Worcester . and Sussex Down Stacey had to adapt to Notts.

But nottinghamshire cricketers It may be necessary to bind to figure out some hidden wounds before they head to Hove. Northants’ Ben Duckett may have broken his finger and Alex Wakely delivered a painful blow to his mush in this game, but Nottinghamshire have lost their last two four-day games and they will face off against Sussex are six points behind leaders Worcestershire and are only 13 ahead of their Conquistadors in this game.

Northamptonshire, as far as they are concerned, will make their trip to Grace in a very short mood road. They’ve won eight of their 13 championship games this season and know they’ll have to win a ninth to put pressure on the counties above them. But their fully deserved 124 Nottinghamshire defeats showed they were in excellent form. Combining professionalism and a deep and palpable enjoyment of their job, the Northamptonshire cricketers spent seven hours in the final two hours of the season. Doors played 82 times. Then they laughed at it all, sang team songs at a louder volume than head coach David Ripley had never heard before, and settled in for a fluid afternoon.

Ripley admits his team is ‘desperate to get good at red-ball cricket grades”, but he also knew they would never be a bunch of sober people without a sense of humor. On the contrary, smiles will never be far from their faces, and they will always choose the path of fearless victory. Richard Levy’s game-changing century on match day two perfectly illustrates this approach, with Rory Kleinvelt’s career-best 13 wickets also 98 for their effectiveness.

Kleinvelt’s technique just one morning in Nottinghamshire’s last seven games It became apparent in half an hour that the wickets were disappearing almost as fast as a pack of Hobnobs in the press box. Cheteshwar Pujara was upset by Kleinveldt’s lift for the second time in the race and was caught by Levi in ​​the second slip. Two rounds later, Jobs-like Jake Libby, who spent 194 minutes in 42 runs, was lured to an unusual fence outside the stump, with the rest by David Murphy. )Finish. Faith floated into the Keltner Stand, mixed with hope. Neither the fear nor the Nottinghamshire batsmen can get rid of it

Summit Patel and Lee Key Wessels tried to reset the bureau, but it wasn’t good. Ben Sanderson bowled beautifully on the morning of the third day of the game, but got nothing in return. Now, he has beaten Wessels twice off the stump before the batsman drags it past his stump and was left to reflect on his overcompensation as he walked slowly back to the pavilion. Tom Moores followed Wessels for a 3-pointer when Gleason’s insider left referee David Mills no choice. Nottinghamshire are now 152-for-7 from the field, not even half of their target.

Chris Reed joins Patel, two most in their county careers Among the brave fighters, there are two batsmen, one who thinks they have what it takes to save the cause if it appears to be lost. But not this morning. After posting a long leg and a deep square leg, Gleason dug one, and Patel hooked the ball straight to delighted backup outfielder Saif Zayb.

Maybe Northampton has been inspiring this generosity. After the Great Fire of 1675, Charles II donated a thousand tons of wood to help rebuild All Saints and provided seven years of chimney funding to rebuild the town. The generosity of the modern age has not diminished. “Tattoo Phil’s” announced a shop sign on Wheelingborough Road, although it was unclear if this was an offer or an order, and it was unclear which part of Phil’s needed decoration.

Patel, shocked by his mistake, walked slowly off the court. We are almost done. Red pushed Barker to Levi, and Gleason ended the game at lunchtime. Just like Northamptonshire players don’t let cricket delay a meal. There may be contentment, if not joy, at the villas on Billing Road and the stately and proud terraces that surround this rich and lovely land.

Maybe the news has even been filtered to Sheep Street Quality Butchers, where there are already Christmas hampers in the window Advertise it. But this rude crap can be ignored for a week, if not a few months. Instead, we can consider Hough, Worcester, Leicester. Three theaters and four days to warm us up against the darkness ahead. It makes you realize what Charters and Caldicott are talking about.

Paul Edwards is a freelance cricket writer. He has written for The Times
, ESPNcricinfo, Paul Edwards Written by Wisden
, Southport Visitor and other publications



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