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Klutzy Witch Anime Movie Reveals 3 More Cast Members

rakudai(Clumsy Witch: Fragrance and the Black Witch)’s official website , anime movie of The Klutzy by Satoko Narita Witch (Rakudai Majo) children’s book series that reveals three A new cast member of the film Thursday. New cast included ( Note: Character name romanization is not official

  • ):
  • Yoko Hikasa Moira, the Witch of Darkness sealed as a black quartz bracelet Rie Tanaka as Reia, Fūka’s mother and Queen Silver castle Jun Fukuyama as Abel, the key character in the movie’s story

    Main cast includes:

    Honoka Inoue as Fūka (above center)

  • Mutsumi Tamura as Chitose(left), Fūka’s childhood friend
    • Iwami Manaka As Karin (right), another childhood friend of Fūka
      Kensho Ono as Keith, a mysterious boy known as Prince Castle Black

    Sakura Ayane Lilyka, the purple-haired girl who plays the key to the story The film will be released in March .

    The series is set in a wondrous world full of witches and wizards. The story follows Fuka, a bumbling apprentice witch who breaks the seal of the Black Witch who once nearly destroyed the world.

    Takayuki Hamana (, , ) is directing a movie Production IG Kiyoko Yoshimura (, , ) is writing a script. Marumi Sugita ( lead animation director) is designing the character.

    Volume 1, Princess Lodai (The Klutzy Witch Is a Princess), ships in October franchise yes 17 novel and a collection of short stories. The latest novel, rakudaiRakudai Majo to Yami no Kyūden(The Klutzy Witch and the Dark Palace), ships in October31.

    Source: The Klutzy Witch Movie Site, Comic Natalie



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