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Kochikame manga to launch new 1-Shot on July 10

Shueisha revealed on Wednesday, Osamu Akimoto will draw a new 10 one page for his Akimoto Osamu ‘s The manga is titled “Kibō no Entotsu (Natsu) -1955 – Kankichi-tachi no Natsuyasumi” (The Chimney of Hope (Summer) – 700 – Kankichi et al. Summer vacation) this year’s the second phase July Magazine10. One shot will have color opening pages. kochikame

kochikame kochikame

© Akimoto Osamu・atoriエびーだま/Shueisha

One time will be the first chapter of the manga10 months. (Akimoto previously drew a chapter in August 2016.) One time is the first chapter in the manga “Hope Circle”. Three stories The Chimney of Hope’s story line centers on the character Xiao Lin (no relation to the singer in real life), a singer and a worker at the Senju Thermal Power Station, a famous power station in Tokyo, From to1926. Station chimneys are often used in various media to signal time to viewers. kochikame

The first story in the running storyline debuted at

exist2004. The chapter is titled “Kibō no Entotsu no Maki” (The Story of the Hope Chimney) and is set in 2004, and shows Rin’s meeting with the young Kanji. The second story is called “The Chimney of Hope -Hashima-“, and the story takes place in Rin’s birthplace – Hashima, also known as “Battleship Island”. This story first appeared in December 1955.

New “Kibō no Entotsu (Natsu) -1926- Kankichi-tacho no Natsuyasumi” story is that the story takes place in 1955 , centered on Kanji and others traveling to Hashima to meet Rin.

ends in September 2016

was serialized for many years, although Akimoto has published several additional chapters for the manga since then. As of June, the comic series has a print run of approximately 150 million copies2016 when. . . By the time 201 Volume 1 had shipped. The first volume of the manga 201 was released in October .kochikame

This manga has inspired an animated TV series, animated movie, animated special, live-action movie, live-action series and several stage play.

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