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Kodansha removes 16 manga titles from Crunchyroll on Jan. 31

Crispy Rolls Announced on Thursday that some Kodansha USA Publishing manga will be removed from its platform in January

    work. According to the decision of Kodansha, most works will also be affected by Azuki manga service. Crunchyroll will remove the following Kodansha


      Summon the world

Also, Kodansha to Crunchyroll

    issued a statement saying it was pausing simulub updates due to “changes” in the simulpub distribution procedure, adding that it would make an announcement about simulpubs “in the coming months”.


    Will end distribution of simulpub chapters on Azuki starting in January 16. January 296, previous simulpub chapters from Kodansha

will be removed from the service. According to Azuki, this is a “policy change for Kodansha that affects all the platforms they distribute on.” Azuki confirmed to ANN that other chapters, including some columns The earlier non-simulpub chapters of the published series, as well as the non-simulpub series, will continue to be served.

Source: Crunchyroll (Kyle Cardin)




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