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Konosuba: An explosion in this wonderful world! ‒ Episode 10

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Konosuba: The explosion of this wonderful world! ?

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plot of delivers more excellent adventuring fillness and character building. kon10.png

I feel like this episode captures the heart of the potential of these productions. The daily struggles in the life of a novice adventurer! It’s a powerful mix of high fantasy eerie, video game tropes, real world relevance and unique fantasy analogies. Anyone trying to find a group for anything can probably relate to at least one moment in Megumin’s trials and tribulations. From the perspective of trying to secure stable employment, the correlation is clear. kon10.png Megumin tries and tries to fit, but it’s never enough. We’ve all been there! Well, I think most of us have. “Been there” also comes with an asterisk, and I personally have never had to fight dozens of rodents or multi-layered slime monsters. But, nonetheless, the constant trial periods, doing well and then being haunted, it’s all a struggle to find steady work that I’ve known all too well since I was young. Coupled with the frustration that Huihui just knew

If only a group of people were willing to take her chance and commit, she would be a great fit. As stupid as it is, there’s a relevant emotional core here: I know I can afford to pay the bills, but no one is going to give me an honest chance. There are also lots of funny little moments in this episode that help to add to the fun. Aqua and Kazuma had a lot of fun making their little cameos, and I really liked the concept of the trolley guy running around hailing cabs for tired wizards. It’s just fun world building. This week’s animation is a bit mediocre, but nothing particularly egregious, just the ups and downs of the weekly production. Megumin and YunYun finally found their way back to each other and had a A great culmination of a great week of TV with a fun fantasy chess game. Solids everywhere. Rating:

Grant is co-host on Blade Licking Thieves Podcast and Super Senpai Podcast. kon10.png



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