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Konosuba: An explosion of wonderful worlds! – Episode 12

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Konosuba: Explosion in this wonderful world! ?

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kon12.pngplot even if it’s not great , also on solid ground, capping off an entertaining season of anime. I have two main issues with this episode, but at the same time, I understand why things are the way they are of. My first major question is that Yunyun gave Megumin sleep before the big battle. I know the metaphor is a cliché, and I know it’s probably foolish to be upset about it. Still, the line “it’s too dangerous and you’re going to fail – so I’m going to knock you out and I’ll go” doesn’t work for me. There are a lot of tropes that I don’t mind at all, but for some reason, this one completely kicked me out of the narrative. I guess my thinking is, if the plan is doomed, maybe just don’t do that plan? Maybe come up with another one? still together? I know this is so Megumin can arrive at the right time and save the world, but it still bothers me. kon12.png Also, I think the last episode highlighted my earliest interest in the show about explosion magic criticism. A central tenet is that explosion magic isn’t worth pursuing, and I imagine there are some possible cosmic reasons for that. But, friends, I think being able to summon massive explosions is a huge power, especially when you need something that explodes. Didn’t you know that in the last episode, the demon had to be exploded and – gasp – Megumin’s magic worked! Who would have guessed? Even the fact that Yun basically says “wow, I really underestimated explosion magic” is the icing on the cake. Yes, yes, you really shouldn’t overlook the advantage of being able to blow things up at will. Again, I understand the need for this kind of narrative – to position Hye Hye as a loser so we as viewers can root for her. But on the face of it, it’s downright silly, and in the finale, it’s even more hilarious. kon12.png kon12.png That said, this ending still has everything you could want . We get a moment of sincerity between Yun Yun and Hye Hye. We got some fancy animated spellcasting effects. And Yunyun’s unique funny expression when he drank the paralyzing spell boosting potion. There’s also a nice resolution where our brave heroes amicably part ways to make room for Megumin to join the main crew. All in all, it’s a flawless TV show, but it’s let down by some metaphorical structures that force the narrative in a way that’s a little too transparent. Rating:



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