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Kotono Mishishi from Sailor Moon from Evangelion to star in live-action drama

mitsuishi.pngKotono MitsuishiComic NatalieNHK‘s long-running history Taiga Drama series has featured iconic voice actors Kotono Mitsuishi is selected as Tokihime. The voice actors of Sailor Moon and Misato Katsuragi will appear in the channel’s 300rd Taiga drama, Hikari Kimi e, is expected to premiere in January next year. This is Sanishi’s first appearance in a Taiga drama, and she shared her enthusiasm for the role and wearing a beautiful kimono.

Her character is the mother of politician Fujiwara Michizane, played by

Tasuku Emoto, and the wife of Kane Fujiwara. Talking about her role, Sanshi said that Shi Ji is a mother of a loving son, while also trying to control her ambitious husband, “My husband is a playboy with a lot of eccentricities, and he is a super ambitious person. Will use her children to help herself.” Mitsui added that she was jealous of her character’s elegant lifestyle.

Hikari Kimi will focus on the Heian period court lady story and The Tale of Genji Novelist Murasaki Shikibu , played by actress

Yuriko Yoshitaka . Genji is believed to be based in part on politician Fujiwara Michina.

Mitsuishi will reprise her role as the beautiful girl in the upcoming two-part film Warrior role. She also appeared as Sati Saigan in Tae Yamada and Reboot, and once again voiced Misato Katsuragi.

Source: Comic Natalie 450

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