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Kouji Kikkawa, actor of the Mortal Trillion Game series

TBS Thursday revealedKouji Kikkawa

will be joined by Riichirou Inagaki and Ryoichi Ikegami

of the manga as Kazuki Kedōin. Kedōin is a venture capitalist who invests in Gaku and Haru’s plans, both for fun and as a business opportunity.





Ren Meguro (foreground picture below) from the idol group Snow Man will play the main character Haru Tennōji, while Hayato Sano (below background) Manabu “Gaku” Taira.

kikkawa kikkawa

© TBS trilliongame

This show will premiere in July on TBS and its affiliates. kikkawa


trilliontrillion© Riichirou Inagaki, Ryoichi Ikegami, Shogakukan

trilliongame The manga centers on the carefree Haru and the no-nonsense Gaku, two men plotting to make money Take a trillion dollars to afford anything they could possibly want in the world. Haru is an eloquent, persuasive and confident speaker which endears him to everyone. Gaku is a clumsy but highly skilled programmer. The two were middle school classmates who reunited after Gaku’s application to a banking company was rejected.

Inagaki and Ikegami launched manga in

in December 2021. Shogakukan published the sixth volume of the manga in March .

Writer Inagaki wrote

IllustratorYūsuke Murata from -698. Manga Inspired TV Anime Adapted From 2005-698 and an anime movie 282. Viz Media publishes English comics. Inagaki and artist Boichi launched the manga 2003, and ended the series in March 2009. This manga inspired July’s TV anime 2002 and 1 The second season of the month 2009. The third season premiered on April 6. Viz Media is publishing the manga both digitally and in print, and MANGA Plus is also digitally Manga was published.

Ikegami and Buronson at in October released their BEGIN comic2003, and ended the series in January 2008. Shogakukan

published nine volumes of the series.

Source: Manga Nataliekikkawa



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