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Kourtney Kardashian Barker Reflects on Her Fairytale Wedding One Year Later

’90 Too. Once when Travis and I were celebrating my birthday in Utah, we watched all the ’90 music videos. On Guns N Roses’ “November Rain,” when Stephanie Seymour was walking down the aisle in a skirt, I was like, “You know what? I think a skirt suits me.” That’s what it said to me – run Italy and then getting married in a short skirt is what I want.

We had a real fit in Milan. I remember Domenico using his teeth to remove the bone from the skeleton of the sample. Then he completely redesigned the dress on me. What an artist he is.

Stefano said, what if we do a black version at night? I think that’s pretty cool. So we made the black version to switch to.

Dolce & Gabbana also opened their archives for me, my sisters, my mom and our kids. My stylist Danni and I spent two days digging into the archives and picking out tons of looks for everyone. Then I emailed all the looks to my sisters and let everyone pick what they think really looks good. I don’t have bridesmaids, so I really want my sisters to embrace what we’re doing and what it’s like to have an Italian experience.

On your veil, you have an embroidery of a Travis tattoo.

Yes. Travis has the Virgin Mother tattooed on his head. It reads “Family, Loyalty, Respect” underneath it. The entire tattoo is hand embroidered on the veil in such a beautiful manner.

I inspired Dolce & Gabbana with these extra long, beautiful romantic lace veils in a church, dripping on the floor. They showed him in the sketch Tattoo ideas. The moment I saw it, “This is how it has to be.”

Now that you’re almost a year old, is there anything you’re going to change about you Any wedding?

Won’t. They are all too imperfect.

Even your veil stuck in the bushes? [SPOILER: Kourtney Kardashian walks down the stairs to attend her Portofino (Portofino) Her veil hung in the landscape during the ceremony, delaying her descent. ]

[laughter]. Maybe. But it does give me a second of pause to not rush through it. Besides, no one knows what happened. I asked everyone: “Do you know?” No one knew!

You are surprisingly calm. Well, yes, you are technically swear. But in a very factual way. I will not be the same.

Thanks! Most of the time I am a very calm person.

Looking back now, tell me which wedding resonated with you the most?

I’d say Italy is the most exciting for me because that’s the one with all the buildup. That was really our main wedding to me. The process of going from feeling anxious and scared to having moments of vulnerability in front of people — a huge buildup that I’m sure a lot of brides might feel — and then starting to feel so calming about me. The way it happened is so special.

Before I let you go back to your family and your life, I have one last question for you – how is life after marriage?




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