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'Kraven the Hunter' Snare Composer Benjamin Wallfish (Exclusive)

Composer Benjamin Wallfisch remains in the comic book space. Wallfisch will write the score for Kraven the Hunter , the Sony and Columbia film starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson as the Marvel anti-hero.

Wallfisch is a comic book genre veteran whose most recent score for The Flash is now in theaters release. He also scored Shazam! and Hellboy for 2017. Outside of the realm of comic books, Walfish wrote two films for The Flash director Andy Muschietti. The It movie was rated on 16 and and 13 Lives by Ron Howard (2020), Mortal Kombat (2020), The Invisible Man (2019) and Blade Runner2020 (16), who collaborated with Hans Zimmer.

Kraven the Hunter from director JC Chandor opens October 6. The cast includes Ariana DeBose, Fred Hechinger, Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott and Russell Crowe. Kraven is based on the comic book character, a big game hunter after Spider-Man. He is known for the classic storyline “Kraven’s Last Hunt”, in which he buried Spider-Man alive and adopted Spider-Man The identity of the hero.

First trailer for Kraven the Hunter shows off the gore, the first Sony/comic to receive an R rating Wei movie. Sony has a number of other Spider-Man spinoffs on the horizon, including the Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson and Sidney Sweeney. It’s released twoVenomfeatures, with Tom Hardy coming up with a third installment. Earlier this week, it removed the feature film “ El Muerto ” from its calendar because the script wasn’t ready ahead of the writers’ strike.



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