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Kremlin prefers 'balance' after Putin allies suggest nuclear bombs in Ukraine

MOSCOW (Reuters) – The Kremlin said on Monday that a key ally of President Vladimir Putin called on Russia over the weekend to use Ukraine’s “low-yield nuclear weapons”.

Asked about the comments of Chechen regional leader Ramzan Kadyrov, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he also criticized Russia on the battlefield military leadership. The right to be heard, but Russia’s military approach should not be driven by emotion.

“It’s a very exciting time. Regional heads have the right to express their views,” Peskov told reporters on Monday. said on the phone.

“But even in difficult times, one should avoid any form of emotional impact assessment. Therefore, we prefer to stick to a balanced, objective assessment.”

Pace The basis for any use of nuclear weapons is laid out in Russia’s nuclear doctrine, Kov said.

Those guidelines permit the use of nuclear weapons if nuclear weapons—or other weapons of mass destruction—are used against Russia, or if the Russian state faces an existential threat from conventional weapons.

“No other Peskov said. )

Last month Putin warned the West that he was “not bluffing” when he said Russia was ready to use nuclear weapons to protect its territory On Friday, he said the United States set a “precedent” by dropping a nuclear bomb on Japan at the end of World War II.

In 2007, Putin appointed Kadyrov as president of Chechnya to Exercising control. An autonomous region that fought a bloody war with Moscow for independence in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Kadyrov provided Chechen troops to support Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, and his Criticism of military leadership in the wake of Russia’s withdrawal from Lehman’s stronghold is the sharpest since the start of the seven-month-long conflict.

(Reuters; Kevin Leigh) Edited by Fei)



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