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Krista Vernoff Confirmed to Produce 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'Station 19'

Krista Vernoff is checking out ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and its spinoff, station19.

Showrunner will be on medical drama current season finale and firefighting Exit at the end of the seventh season of the spin-off series. As ABC has yet to renew the two Shonda Rhimes-produced shows, there is no word yet on a new showrunner. Grey’s Anatomy, currently weathering the departure of lead actress Ellen Pompeo as a series regular, is likely to return to her landmark th season with spinoff Station .

“It has been the privilege of a lifetime to be entrusted with running Grey’s Anatomy for the past six years, and the last Four stops 19,” Fernoff said in a statement. “The passion of the loyal fans and the impact these shows have on hearts and minds cannot be overemphasized. The caliber of these two phenomenal casts and these two talented writing rooms is immeasurable – and the crews work together week in and week out.” Worked all week. I will forever be grateful to Shonda Rhimes for their trust, and Disney and ABC for their support. I leave for the last time

Grey’s Anatomy , I’m gone for seven seasons and the show is still going when Shonda called me to run it. So I won’t say goodbye because that’s too bitter. I mean ‘after seven seasons Goodbye'”

As Vernoff said, Rhimes personally recruited her to return to the game Grey’s

in the prolific producer After ditching the Disney deal in favor of a rich deal with Netflix. Rhimes remains involved with both shows as an executive producer, but no longer writes the episodes. Fernoff later added show duties to the spin-off Station 19 , in which the show was created After that, another longtimeGrey screenwriter, Stacy McKee, left. Fernoff’s tying the two shows together with frequent spinoffs will help draw more viewers to the series’ third installment. She’s been open to additional Grey spinoffs for the past few years, and before the pandemic, she was working on one that never materialized.

“Krista’s creativity, vision and dedicated leadership made Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 continues to thrive. I am so grateful for her hard work. She will always be part of the Shondaland family,” Rhimes said in a statement.

ABC (and Hulu) owner Craig Erwich has always believed in Grey’s It will continue to operate and do shows as long as Rhimes wants. However, one thing has changed this season: Pompeo’s involvement. Remus has insisted for years that as long as Pompeo wants to play Meredith Gray,

Gray’s will stay in the running. That changed last year when Pompeo cut her onscreen appearances down to just eight 1235213769-plus episodes1235213769 Because she’s planning a new role in which she will star and executive produce an untitled Hulu limited series. She remains involved as an executive producer and will continue to do voiceovers, while also possibly appearing as a guest star from time to time.

“Krista Vernoff poured her heart and soul into Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, her voice has been crucial to the success of these beloved series. Two shows at the same time It takes a strong leader, and Krista does that effortlessly,” Erwich said. “Her creativity has left an indelible mark, and thanks to her, our audiences will follow dynamic and cherished characters for many years to come.”

Vernoff, who went on to strike a full deal with Grey’s producer ABC Signature, got into the series after a dozen attempts during the pandemic but ABC canceled Rebels almost immediately. Vernoff is currently working with Octavia Spencer on First Lie Wins for Erwich and Hulu.




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