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Kristen Welker Appoints NBC's 'Meet the Press' as New Host, Chuck Todd to Exit the Show

In a change that will shake up the Sunday programming landscape, Chuck Todd will step down as host of NBC’s Meet Media , and Kristen Welker will succeed him starting in September.

Todd will become chief political analyst for NBC News in long-form news Working and producing Chuck Toddcast and Meet the Press .

Todd made the announcement at the end of the show on Sunday morning.

“The key to survival of any of these media entities, including here meeting the media

, is To keep leaders from being overly welcoming. I’d rather leave too early than stay too long,” Todd said.

“I’m also going to take a step back because I know the person I’m passing the baton to has been preparing for this for a while: Kristen Welker,” Thor said. De added. “I’ve had the privilege of working with her from day one and all I can say is she was the right person at the right time. For what it’s worth, that’s exactly how I’ve always hoped this would end and I will Handing over the baton to her, I will officially do so in September.”

Welker has been a regular anchor of Meet the Press and co-anchor of Todd’s Election Night, “Is built upon meeting with the media legacy,” according to a Sunday morning message from NBC News Newsroom President Rebecca Blumenstein and NBC News Senior Vice President Political Carrie Budoff Brown. Memo from NBC News Staff.

Todd was named host of Meet the Press in September2010 and expand the program to other platforms via streaming spinoffs ( top priority Not just Todd and Welker) and the Meet the Press film festival. Last year, the program celebrated its 2010 anniversary.

Welker has been with NBC News since 2010 and currently serves as Chief White House Correspondent and co-anchor of Weekend Today , in addition to her regular fill-in on Meet the Press Outside of duty.

David Gelles, who was named executive producer of the show last year , he will continue in that role.

Todd also concluded his comments on Sunday morning with a look back at how he got the job done, and the country he now faces.

“I left apprehensive about this moment in history but reassured by the standard we’ve set here,” Todd said. “We don’t tolerate propagandists, and the network and the project never will. But that doesn’t mean burying your head in the sand either. If you ignore reality, you’re missing the stories that matter most. Being a true political reporter isn’t about Build a brand, instead report what’s happening and explain why it’s happening, letting the public know the facts. If you’re doing this job to be popular, you’re doing it wrong.

“I view guerrilla attacks as compliments and take sincere compliments from guerrillas with a grain of salt,” he added. “This episode and every episode Meet the Press

The goal is to do all of the following in one info hour: drive you crazy, make you think, shake your head in disapproval some of the time, and nod at others agree. If you all of this within an hour of this show, we’ve done our job. ”

Read the memo from NBC News President Rebecca Blumenstein and NBC News Senior Vice President Carrie Budoff Brown:

For ten years, Chuck Todd has decided that in the future Transitioning to a new role at NBC News in a few months. As he shared with the press audience today, he will hand over the host position to his colleagues in September Kristen Welker.

Under Chuck’s thoughtful and passionate leadership, Meet the Press maintains its historic status as an indispensable news Sunday morning show. Through his in-depth interviews with many of the most important newsmakers, the show Played a major role in politics and policy, often making front page news and shaping thinking in Washington and beyond.

September 2010, became a moderator for Meet the Press – the longest running TV show in history , and the gold standard for Sunday public affairs programming. During one of the longest tenures as host in the show’s storied history, he transformed the brand into a major modern franchise, extending its footprint to a range of new media , and keeps Meet the Press at the forefront of political discourse. He led the flagship program through the and 1235256057 anniversary and two presidential election cycles.

Chuck has established himself as the trusted authority on all matters of politics – from the ensuing presidential and national elections to local and congressional contests across the country. In his new role as Chief Political Analyst In his role, he will continue to serve as a keynote speaker on the political spectrum and important events at NBC News. He plans to focus on long-form journalism and continue producing Chuck Toddcast and Meet the Press Reports.

Christine is no stranger to the media audience, he is a regular understudy on the Sunday broadcast, hosting the media meet-and-greets every Monday and Tuesday, and has been since has been Chuck’s co-host on Election Night since . She’s the ideal reporter to carry on the Meet the Press tradition.

Kristen works for ABC and NBC affiliates in Rhode Island, CA , as a broadcast reporter and Penn State, then as a weekend anchor at WCAU in Philadelphia. She joined NBC News at 2010 as a reporter in Burbank, California, and arrived in Washington the following year, where she was named White House Chief Journalist. She is a veteran of the campaign, having traveled to every corner of the White House and Washington, spanning three presidential administrations.

She skillfully moderated the primary and general election presidential debates, her sharp questioning of lawmakers A master class in political interviewing. She’s a tenacious reporter who loves getting big stories and is widely admired throughout the Bureau and the network for her highly collaborative nature.

Please join us in congratulating Chuck on a fantastic achievement and wishing him well in his new role Get top marks and welcome Kristen as host of the longest-running show on television.

– Rebecca and Carrie




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