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Kumail Nanjiani Has Anxious Dad Voice in 'Immigrant' Trailer

Big Sick Star Kumail Nanjiani Anxious Duck Dad Mike and Elizabeth Banks is Pam, the witty matriarch of the Mallard clan, in the latest trailer for the upcoming animated Family Ducks series Migration, From Minions Studio Illumination Entertainment and Universal .

“Wow! We’re not going to fly over this crazy death trap,” Mike told his family as they dodged buses on their way south across New York City , Motorcycles And Pedestrians. Caspar Jennings stars as Dax, the confident and fretful son of the Mallards, and Tresi Gazal stars as Grace in this feather-filled family holiday comedy. Gwen, the sweet and innocent daughter of the family, while Awkwafina voices the scrappy leader of New York City’s Pigeon Gang.

After Pam convinces an overprotective Mike, the Mallards go on vacation, taking the family off their cozy New England pond to see more The wide world is ok, eventually Jamaica. “What kind of dad would I be if I let my chicks get hurt for no reason other than a chance vacation to the Caribbean?” in the trailer, as Mike clings to Dax and Gwen side asked.

But Pam wants her family to see the world, so they take to the skies and head south for the winter.

CGI animation written by Mike White Migration The film also features an ensemble voice cast including Carol Kane as Erin the Heron, Kogan -Michael Kay voices a homesick Jamaican parrot locked in a Manhattan diner, David Mitchell as the yoga leader on a mysterious duck farm, and



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