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Kumamoto mascot Kumamon eats his way into a delicious partyPrecure Anime

This article contains potential episodes of upcoming episodes Through Japanese animation

Kumamoto Prefecture Mascot

Kumamoto will be in the animation 29 in October 29 Chapter 1 debuts . Picture from the comic Natalie

under An episode will revolve around “Susure! Churu Churu☆Festival” in Daishin-cho, during which a variety of noodles are displayed. Kumamon will attend the ceremony as a special guest.

This is not Kumamon ‘s first foray into the world, however. Back in August, he appeared in a special program hosted by the official

You Tube channel, when he was with Cure Parfait made with Finale. In the same month, a video of the two performing an animated ED dance was also released.

Kumamon is the mascot Kumamoto Prefecture , born in Japan in March

character of. Appointed by Governor of Kumamoto Prefecture as

Sales Manager and Happiness Manager Kumamoto Prefecture . The character’s simple and cute design attracts contracts ranging from personal hygiene items to toys and food packaging. From his humble beginnings, the character quickly became a billion-yen celebrity. The role was the result of a six-person team that quickly produced 19 3 billion days Yuan (United States29.$900,000) of 600 products in Kumamon’s sales . is the 13 and latest() TV Animated series, premiered on ABC , TV Asahi and 29 other affiliated stations aired on February 6th. Will be available on different subscription streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu. Crunchyroll is streaming the series as it airs in Japan.

Comic Natalie 600

29 )



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