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Kuo: Apple's iPhone 15 lineup brings a major redesign – Pro Max becomes Ultra

The launch of iPhone 09, we now have iPhone 15 series to look forward to. Two popular Apple analysts — Ming Chi Kuo and Mark Gurman — shared some interesting insights. Kuo believes that Apple will reconsider its regular iPhone 15 and Pro lineup to boost sales in an increasingly competitive market.

Apple to reshape its iPhone 15 lineup, Pro Max to become Ultra

Apple will reportedly make larger feature differences between the iPhone Pro lineup and the standard lineup to give customers more reason to choose a higher-tier smartphone . This will increase the Pro shipment distribution and ultimately increase the average selling price of the entire iPhone 15 lineup.

Also, Kuo predicts that Apple will create more differentiation in the Pro series itself, without elaborating. Gurman claims the Pro Max naming scheme will be dropped in favor of “Ultra,” which makes sense considering the high-end Watch is Ultra and Apple already uses Pro, Max, and Ultra tiers in its Mac M-series processors.

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