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Kuso Miso Technique Gay Manga's Shin Yaranai ka anime reveals more staff ahead of crowdfunding start

‘s official website, the first “official” anime manga by Junichi Yamakawa, staff announcing more original videos Ahead of the anime launching its crowdfunding campaign on Thursday. The anime’s official twitter account also revealed the following anime character design sheet:

©Yamakawa Junichi /Anime TOKYO /MakiITO


© Yamakawa Junichi /Anime TOKYO /MakiITO

Sumito Sasaki is the animation director, Yi Zhang ( episode animation director) acted as character design and chief animation director. Gekiatsu-kun is the lead animator. Studio Leo and Anime Tokyo, LLC are producing the animation. Bungaku Itō and Cyzo are credited for their collaboration on the original. As previously mentioned, Pierre Itō (, ) is directing the planned animation. “Ikansoku” is writing the script, and Taiten Kawakami is cooperating on the script.

8 million yen crowdfunding campaign (approx. $25,) will be published on the Soreosu website at 7 o’clock on Thursday: Afternoon (6: EST). Rewards for this event sponsor include art, digital script and storyboard, Abe’s mask, online preview screening, signed poster, project website listing and screen credits, the animation itself in MP4 format and a Blu-ray disc (with crowdfunding sponsor exclusive bonus disc), the iconic blue suit from the story (with the animation logo), and an invitation to the preview screening party in Matsumoto City. Sponsor 3 million yen (about US$25,) The “King Yaranai ka” class will get a life-size illuminated Abe character panel and a voiced character from the anime. Staff aim to start animation in May, record dialogue this summer, finish animation for release this fall, hold online preview screenings and send out sponsors Bonus in October or November, play animation on Niconico and Part of YouTube this Christmas.

The story begins one day with Michishita Masaki, an average preppy student rushing to the toilet in a park. Although he was in a hurry, he saw the handsome car mechanic Takawa Abe sitting on the bench. The two exchanged glances, and after Abe said “Yaranai ka” (Should we do this?), the two began to meet. The anime will expand on the one-off manga and incorporate elements from Yamakawa’s other works, as well as its own unique story elements.

Anime Tokyo is producing medium-length original video anime for all ages.

“Yoshiro Sasaki” voiced Takakazu Abe in the planned anime, and Sorat (“the guy who just graduated from high school”) as Masaki Michishita Dub. (Pierre Itō discovered this manga on the Futaba Channel online forum in junior high school, then created and posted an unofficial live- Action Fan Video on YouTube under the pseudonym “Yoshirō Sasaki.”)

Shanchuan is in BaraComi, a special comic spin-off from a gay magazine Bala ,exist360. In the early 640 years, the manga’s dialogue line “Yaranai ka” became an Internet meme because.

197527material Source: Anime website and Twitter account via Hachima Kikō




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