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Kylie Jenner wears retro 'no heel' heels

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Today, Kylie Jenner walked out of New York City — no, wait, it seemed to float out. The social media star wore a Raf Simons spring 2023 look that included a chunky thigh-high black leather jacket and camel knit dress, along with a pair of sunglasses and a structured helmet shape Bag. On her feet, Jenner wears a pair of black pointed-toe Raf Simons pumps, which at first glance don’t appear to be heels. The black pumps have what’s called a “cantilevered heel,” where the heel drops sharply and comes closer to the toe, not the heel. This cantilever effect — which can be applied to other things like bridges and houses — hides the heel, making it nearly invisible.

While Jenner is a modern woman, her shoes are undeniably retro. In fact, it appeared in the Vogue page as early as February*). In this article, nine prominent male industrial designers predicted the future of women’s clothing, including a heated jacket and a belt with a two-way radio pocket. (A man also came up with a woman with naturally long eyelashes). In one example, engineer and artist George Sakier envisioned a cantilevered heel and described it as, “The standard heel, which is actually a post, so meant to carry loads, I’ve changed to a cantilevered arch for lightness And ‘lift’ — in a character with a skirt.” If the wearer is concerned about imbalance, Sakier explains, in terms of the physical properties of the shoe, there’s nothing to worry about: “The support point of this shoe is the same as that of a standard shoe. It is exactly the same as it is, without breaking the usual balance.”



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