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Kylie Jenner’s New Haircut Is One Part Kris Jenner Cosplay

A dramatic hair debut is fun—a dramatic debut that comes a with some cheeky messaging is even better. Kylie Jenner took to Instagram today to show off a freshly-snipped Italian baby bob, her words proving that the cut was inspired, at least in spirit, by mother Kris. 

“Kris Jenner is quaking,” captioned Jenner. Undoubtedly a reference to her mother’s piece-y pixie, the actual similarities stopped at lack-of-length and raven hue. Jenner’s own bob-pixie hybrid was styled in the guise of Sophia Loren, soft curls shorn to fall sultry across her face, a spritely flip at the nape of the neck keeping things sweet and stylized. 

The look is in keeping with an enduring want of all things la dolce vita (Jenner’s jaunts to the Italian countryside were instrumental in the rise of last year’s Tomato Girl Summer). Whether the cut is a trompe-l’œil moment or the start of a new aesthetic era, we’re adding the soft, romantic crop to our list of 2024 trends to watch. 



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