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Kyrie Irving rumors: Nets reluctant to make trades that only bring back future assets

Juan Ocan Wave/NBAE via Getty Images

) The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly not interested in turning to a rebuilding process even as the offseason keeps making headlines.

Brooklyn’s Marc Stein Won’t Trade Kyrie Bryant, According to NBA Insider Kyrie Irving, “If the deal is just to bring back future assets. They obviously want to win the talent now to repay the relationship with Irving, even though the Nets have been in turmoil for months.”

Irving is entering the final season of his contract, which he opted for in June, but that hasn’t stopped trade rumors from circulating this offseason Expect.

The Athletic’s Jowan Buha reported Thursday that LeBron James wants Los Angeles Lakers trade to help his former teammates win a championship with the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers.
James “privately insists that the Lakers still need to improve their current roster and trade superstar point guard Kyrie Irving,” Buha wrote.

If that does happen, the Nets are reportedly hoping to have enough players to stay in the Eastern Conference for the 2022-23 season on the standings. How the situation with Irving and Kevin Durant unfolds will ultimately determine whether this is a realistic possibility, as even one of them has some “instant winning talent” on the floor that would raise the team’s ceiling.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania reports Durant met with Nets president Joe Tsai and offered an ultimatum, the team either Trade him or fire coach Steve Nash and Generals manager Sean Marks.

Neither has happened so far.

Charania pointed out that the team’s asking price in any Durant trade is high, and Tsai Ing-wen publicly supports it in a tweet team staff. That means the Nets could go into training camp and have to deal with a star player and multiple people he clearly wants to be fired amid the prolonged uncertainty surrounding Irving’s situation.

Perhaps no team in the NBA currently has such a wide range of potential outcomes for the 2022-23 season.



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