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La Bouche Rouge Launches Sexy, Sustainable Fragrance Collection

A year after 30 launched French cosmetics brand La Bouche Rouge, Nicolas Gerlier knew fragrance and skincare would be next . The latter may have more in common with the brand’s existing line of eco-friendly lipsticks and makeup essentials, while the former encapsulates the brand’s essence.

“The philosophy of La Bouche Rouge is explained Gerlier told Vogue via Zoom in Paris. For him, lipstick and perfume is a natural icon worth exploring, encouraging environmental awareness through art and design.

So, Gerlier set out to create a sexy, sustainable fragrance that would stand out from others on the market Man. It all started four years ago in the small French town of Grasse, when he realized how wasteful perfume is. So instead of creating new ingredients for his debut collection, he decided to challenge the perfumers to upgrade the raw materials. They performed very well Brilliant, raw material waste from the perfume, design and food processing industries is repurposed into new raw materials centered around rose, cedar and citrus. According to Gerlier, this new production method will create the world’s first upcycled extrait de parfum.

Courtesy of La Bouche Rouge

by La Bouche Rouge

With tons of new toppings to play with, Gerlier has an idea for another initiative. “It’s a little selfish, It probably didn’t make sense enough for me to [make a perfume] myself, because I’m not a perfumer,” he recalls. So he held a competition for perfumers around the world to create the first fragrance free of charge using recycled materials From the 30 entries, he selected five from some of the most renowned perfumers in the world – each with a unique scent and Represents the sentiment of the artist who concocted it.

Gerlier describes each La Bouche Rouge scent as containing 30% of upcycled ingredients and an organic alcohol base, like an artist’s exclusive artwork, characterized by simple colors.First is Rouge by Dora Baghriche, which embodies the love at first sight through aromas of ginger, pink pepper, patchouli and vetiver. Passion. Next is Alexandra Monet’s Nude, where fig, rose, cedar, musk and iris create a sensual touch on bare skin. Then comes Nicolas Bonneville’s Rose, which Will100 % natural rose extract is paired with cranberry, lychee, geranium and musk for a contemporary interpretation of the flower. Next, Bleu is the work of Alexis Grugeon, who concocted a fresh, addictive floral fragrance with notes of lavender, pink peppercorn, rose celebra, cedar wood and incense inspired by the scent of sea salt on skin. Finally, Ambre by Coralie Spicher, where warm notes of vanilla and sandalwood contrast with vibrant notes of raspberry, pink pepper, rose and saffron, evoking a touch of golden sunshine. “What you can smell at La Bouche Rouge, you can’t smell anywhere else,” says Gerlier.




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