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La DoubleJ 2023 Pre-Fall Collection

LaDoubleJ’s latest collection, which launches in May, is more summer than early fall, at least according to the company’s buying season. “This is really a great deal for a summer vacation, a trip down the Amalfi Coast, a road trip to Tuscany, a friend’s wedding, or a party at some beautiful beachside location,” says founder JJ Martin with consistent enthusiasm Said. “No one knows how to vacation like an Italian, do they?” Well, yes: We’re taking this very seriously.

Despite its (still) youth, La DoubleJ has amassed a rather impressive archive of prints, all of which are exceptionally colorful and “pleasant,” as Martin That said. Some of them have been re-edited this season and taken on new shapes, or scattered among the ever-renewing LDJ remnants. Big florals printed on a wedding-season-appropriate Lollipop wrap dress with sexy swings a frilly feast of ruffles; a Mezzaluna print graces the Biennale’s new summer poplin sundress, and a pineapple print cheers up a neutral aviator jumpsuit.

New to the list The collection features elongated one-shoulder dresses on the sexier side, abbreviated padded jackets that should be layered over beach splits, bikinis, or bathing suits, “when you’re at night in the lungomare walk around and get cold,” says the ever-pragmatic Martin. Tighter, shorter, body-hugging minis are for younger customers: “When you have hips and legs, you have to use these va- va-voom numbers to show them off,” says Martin.

Cotton voile caftans come in different lengths and are trimmed with feathers for more elegant occasions. As for the thigh-fitting ones’s inspired Superflare pants, they’ll make you look like an avatar of Talitha Getty, ready to board a jet plane and head to the nearest Italian palace for the most glamorous party of the season.



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