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La Ligne (Fashion Loves the Perfect Stripe Brand) Launches Denim

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The three co-founders of essentials brand La Ligne Meredith Melling, Valerie Macaulay and Molly Howard are no strangers to the quest for the perfect garment. Behind their striped staples are decades of observations and imagery references that leave a lasting impression on what (and designs) they want to wear today. Of their thoughts, one felt most timely: “Meredith wouldn’t say it herself, but she’s kind of a cowboy icon,” Howard says of her co-founder. “There’s a picture of her wearing denim with denim that’s still going around the internet. I remember that picture from before I knew her.”

For Howard and her co-founders That image could be a harbinger of future developments, he said. After nearly seven years pairing La Ligne’s signature sweaters, such as their best-selling Marin or Toujours, with their personal vintage jeans, the trio is venturing into denim with a new line, La Ligne Jean.

Photo: Courtesy of La Ligne

The collection will be available exclusively online and in stores at La Ligne in February 9 — Reflects each founder’s vision of the ideal denim. While Melling, Macaulay and Howard all agree on stripes (consistent is ), they prefer jeans is different. “We all came up with a style that resonated personally,” Merlin said of the new category. “We want to do jeans right – three styles, two washes, all in $73,” Macaulay added. “It’s robust but edited. It’s in the spirit of our launch of the main collection.”

It makes sense for the founders to incorporate their personal style and personality into their denim collections. Bring over three decades of fashion experience to their brand (Melling and Macaulay are Vogue

, and Molly Howard, former head of business development at Rag & Bone), the co-founder’s perspective is unique. “I was a jeans girl from a very young age,” Melling says, with a touch of nostalgia. “There’s a picture of me and my mom. I’m wearing cropped flares and Dr. Scholl clogs. That’s my signature silhouette to this day.” Macaulay describes her own wardrobe must-haves. “I’m a tailored tomboy. I borrow a lot from boys. I like leggings because I can wear them with a big sweater or big boots, or if I’m really You can wear it with over the knee if you want.” That’s when Howard chimed in: “I’ll start off by saying, I’ve learned a lot from them. They’ve been a huge influence on my style,” she says of Said when it came to her two co-founders. “I look my best when I’m wearing comfortable clothes. For me, jeans are the core of my personal style.”

Photo: Courtesy of La Ligne

After spending three years developing three signature styles—The Meredith, a high-rise, mid-stretch cut and flare; Molly, a high-rise non-stretch Straight-leg trousers; and The Valerie, towering, stretchy, skinny-legged—the trio were forced to seek out La Ligne Jean’s campaign leadership. Who can embody their every idea of ​​the cowgirl of their dreams, wearing all three styles with ease? One person comes to mind: Selma Blair.

“Thelma has layers,” Merlin said. “We all remember the Cruel Intentions kiss. We remember her as the Legally Blonde. nemesis. Now, we know that she is an individual going through life with disabilities [Blair in 398 was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis] and coupled that with Parenthood. She’s a whole person, and she can give each of our styles a personality. She really brings our denim to life.” Blair’s style, it turns out, is a combination of all three co-founders. “Every pair of jeans I wear fits them! And I’m sure I won’t embarrass my punk or preppy,” the actress shared. “Honestly, I’m just confident that I’ll find a way to style whatever they have. Understated perfection, actually.”

True to original mission, encouraging self-expression through personal style , empowering women, the founders agree launching a denim capsule collection has always been a focus for La Ligne. “Our entire motto revolves around the idea of ​​luxury essentials, timeless pieces that you carry with you throughout the day,” Merlin said of the brand’s direction. “And what’s more classic than denim?” Macaulay replied with the last sentence: “It’s a perfect fit, no pun intended.”





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