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Lafayette 148 and Save Venice toast restoration of Giulia Lama masterpiece at elegant cocktail party

Lauren Santo Domingo

Rommel Demano/

Last week For four nights, a predominantly female fashion group — powerful and stately — gathered at the Lafayette 148 storefront in lower Manhattan in modern interior design. While the new fall collection 2022 was neatly arranged around the space for guests to enjoy, shopping wasn’t the focus of the night (at least, for the most part). Instead, guests were intrigued by the famous artist Julia Lama Glory Lady projected in the center of the store – which is A painting by Galeries Lafayette 148 has pledged to sponsor restoration work in partnership with Save Venice nonprofit.

Nearly half after the devastating blow Centuries of November floods and storms , the Save Venice nonprofit has worked tirelessly to restore and preserve Venetian cultural paintings, Ruins, sculptures and other visual arts. On their anniversary, they launched “Women Artists of Venice”, focusing on those born or active in Venice History of Women Artists Early Modern Venice. Among these works are the above-mentioned paintings, created by the Lama in the century.


“Lafayette was the first fashion brand to commit to fully sponsor our restoration project,” Save Venice executive director Amy Gross told Vogue. “Why Galeries Lafayette 148? Their brand fosters a strong female community. This work is our effort to highlight female artists of this era Part.”

While the evening’s focus was on the Lama’s artwork, guests enjoyed other delights such as passing hors d’oeuvres, sparkling champagne and alexander A selection of tunes by Sandra Richards. Lauren Santo Domingo, Adelina Wong Ettelson and Candice Smoller recall “Old Greenwich,” citing several pizzerias and waterways they passed by boat as teenagers. Galeries Lafayette 148’s Deirdre Quinn, in an electric blue suit, introduced guests to their new collection, while two dancers, Emily Eshoo and Sydney Hirai Featured in the brand’s ballet-inspired series of events and mingling with other attendees.

Whispers from the three-day “Save Venice” gala had guests elated, but it turned out to be a symbol of the power that fashion and art have: forging community.





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