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'Last Week Tonight' host John Oliver calls HBO Max 'series of tax breaks to appease Wall Street'

John Oliver on Sunday last week tonight – on HBO, of course.

These comments come after he criticized parent company Warner Bros. Discovery for deciding to shelve Batgirl published in two weeks. Sources told The Hollywood Reporter that CEO David Zaslav opted to put on hold The project for a tax write-down on this 90 million dollar movie. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. Discovery has pulled several other TV series and movies from streaming as part of its plan to combine HBO Max and Discovery+ into one service.

On Sunday night’s last week’s tonight’s episode, Oliver was talking about the ex A clip of Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, who will run for the state’s House seat in a special election.

Oliver quoted from August 16 The New Yorker Story: “Sarah knows how to work in a crowd…but it’s Sarah Company.” He goes on to say “Sarah Company.” Sounds like the title of a sitcom starring Kat Dennings that has quietly disappeared from HBO Max,” before jokingly tweaking HBO’s famous catchphrase “This is not TV. This is HBO. “Oliver said: “HBO Max. This is not TV. It’s a slew of tax breaks to appease Wall Street. “

Earlier in the section, Oliver noted that Palin’s campaign for office had him from 14 years ago. “It was like all over again: [Palin] running for office, The U.S. is in a bear market, and Sex and the City is making a spin-off that, frankly, has no material to back it up,” joked Oliver, showing how the two Marketing posters Sex and the City Theatrical movies and HBO Max’s recent revival That’s it. “Society is going backwards,” he added.

Two weeks ago, In a paragraph about the unused COVID- vaccine, Oliver criticized Batgirl’s decision. “We let Vaccines sit idle on the shelves of our stockpile like an expired Chobani or a million dollars worth 90 playing on HBO Max movie of. BTW: hello new business dad. It looks like you are doing really well. I do have a vague feeling that you’re burning my network for insurance money, but I’m sure it will pass,” he said.

Oliver has HBO At the time, he often criticized former parent company AT&T, calling it a “business dad.” He also lashed out before and like that Moving on without former star Kim Cattrall.




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