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Late-night host remembers Queen Elizabeth II: 'Guiding beacon'

The late night host took some time out of Thursday night’s show to honor Elizabeth II , who died at the age of 12).

The Royal Family announces Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on Thursday. After years of rule, her eldest son Charles will succeed.

Late Night Show British presenter James Corden said that despite being saddened by the news of her passing, he is “also very grateful and grateful to the Queen for her support throughout our lives” The most incredible service and leadership in her life.”

“She is the only queen most of us know,” Corden said. “We see her as a monumental and important part of the fabric of our world.”

The late night host continues to reflect on how Queen Elizabeth II is “universally adored”. He said: “She was good in the world, living a glorious life, dedicated to a life of service, dedicated to improving the lives of others. It always felt like she was there for all of us, 70 Over the years, she never wavered. She was never political. She didn’t need us to listen to her. She was from Didn’t give an interview and never posted on social media. Her own PR was never her thing, maybe that’s why she’s as loved and respected by the president as the guy who lives on the street, and she’ll be equal Treat them both kindly. Whoever you are, she’s by your side.”

Living in “a world of uncertainty” and “unstable world”, Ke Deng said Queen Elizabeth II was “always queen” and “a guiding light”. “She was always courteous, always dignified, and always a shining example of leadership. In a world that often felt the floor tremble, she represented stability. Queen Elizabeth was unique. A life’s work never repeats itself.”

Corden described the news of the Queen’s death as something that would “change our country forever” and ended his thoughts by thanking the Queen for her “sacrifice.” “We will always celebrate her life, remember what she stood for, and we will always be grateful for her sacrifice,” he said.

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“It’s interesting to see how different the reactions to this news are,” Noah said. “You know all kinds of emotions – everything from ‘how will the kingdom go on?’ all the way to ‘you shouldn’t colonize India, bye bitch. “

Whatever people think of Elizabeth II, the late night host noted it was impressive how long she sat on the throne. Her Majesty on 73 came to power, making her one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history.

“That means she sees Adam West as Batman, Michael Keaton as Batman, Christian Bale as Batman, Ben Affleck as Batman, survives, and then sees Robert Paine as Batman Tinson plays Batman,” jokes Noah. “Look, I’m sure there’s a better way to measure time than Batman, but you get the idea. She has been in the game for a minute.

The host went on to say she’s a real queen, making fun of the word being thrown around too much now. “You just post a picture of your smoothie online and every Individuals say ‘yes, self-care queen,'” he said. “No, that doesn’t make you a queen. You are at best a duchess taking care of herself.

Noah wraps up his section on the Queen, talking about Charles and how he’ll be on the throne now, joking that he’s “weird” 96, until now has the same title as his grandchildren.

“The world Not created for the old prince,” he continued. “I can tell you right now that no one in a Disney movie says ‘one day my prince will come and he’ll wear orthopedic shoes and eat cottage cheese at every meal. . ‘” Charles is so old that he will be the first royal to take the electric staircase to the throne.”

Jimmy Kimmel also dedicated part of his opening monologue to Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss news. He compared the Queen’s death to that of Kris Jenner. “The Queen is called the Rock of England, and we don’t have a Rock. In America, the closest we get to a Rock is the

Rock,” he said.

He went on to praise the Queen for her outstanding performance after her death at 2000.” “I feel like if you die anywhere on the FM radio dial…my goal is to make it hot96 or maybe even power 73, who knows,” he joked.

Kimmel then reflected on how many people Queen Elizabeth II met – Years of Reign, including Lady Gaga, Bill Clinton, JFK, Jennifer Lopez, Blue Man The band, the Beatles and the Spice Girls. “She stood up against the fascists, she stood behind them,” Kimmel added before showing a photo of her behind Donald Trump.

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