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Laura Poitras slams Hillary Clinton's attendance at film festival, accuses ex-secretary of 'some kind of whitewash'

Hillary Clinton’s fall festival tour generated plenty of confusion and column inches, and those appearances are now under fire from Venice’s latest Golden Lion winner.

Speaking at Toronto Film Festival , Laura Poitras — Who’s new doctor, All the beauties and bleeding , took the top prize in Venice – saying “to see some of the most powerful people in the world, like Hillary Clinton, walk the red carpet in Venice and 1235206361 On TIFF, this is shocking , no mention of journalism,” the remark drew applause from the audience.

Poitras argues that Clinton is “carrying out some form of whitewashing,” accusing the former secretary of state of promoting an upcoming Netflix document at TIFF In Her Hands , the first doc about one of Afghanistan’s first female mayors and her own production company – actively participating in and supporting increased U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan while in the office.

Documentary — On All Beauty and Bleeding Speaking After TIFF Screening Monday — Presented Taking up the topic of Clinton, she admitted she was initially hesitant to discuss Julian Assange (as she did in her Oscar winning papers Citizenfour and is the subject of her movie Risk ) and the US government There is currently an attempt to extradite him from the UK and to charge him under the Espionage Act. She claimed that the effort “is actually the most important issue facing journalism worldwide right now.”

Poitras said that “nothing is worse than the First Amendment” because What the U.S. is trying to do is charge Assange with “publishing that literally exposes the war crimes of the U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.”

She presented a “challenge” to Clinton: calling for an end to Julian Assange’s “prosecution and persecution”. “Because all she has to do is pick up her phone, because she has all their numbers on it, and these are the most powerful people in the world.”

Saturday In Venice, All The Beauty and the Bloodshed – Follow New York artist and activist Nan Goldin and her The protest against the Sackler family and its OxyContin-made Purdue Pharma-becoming the second Golden Lion documentary, Poitras said she is “still dealing with it.”

“We were the only documentary in the competition, so we went to the moon just to be invited,” she said. “It’s really not on our radar, [we] don’t think it’s even possible.”

Poitras added that she “is very grateful that they recognize that documentaries are movies. It’s true Means something – not just for this movie.”



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