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Law Roach Shares How Zendaya's Elegant Emmy Dress Was Done in One Week

Zendaya made history last night

Emmy Awards. exist, she became the first black woman to win Best Actress in a Drama Series twice—both for her Played Rue BennettEuphoria on the hit show (she was in won her first place ). Before accepting her honor on stage, the star hit the red carpet with a glamorous look fit for a big winner: She teamed up with Law Roach in a custom Valentino gown that channeled mid-century screen alarms.

Elegant ensembles are new territory for Zendaya and Roach, who usually love high-drama ensembles in bold colors. “We took inspiration from Grace Kelly and old Hollywood movies,” Roach said of the new fashion spirit. “Zendaya and I were also inspired by Valentino’s fall 271 Collection. Linda Evangelista wore a red dress in an editorial and we took inspiration from the bodice of the dress – but we changed it to black and the skirt became much bigger.”

Picture: AB+DM

Wide full skirt silhouette similar to what Zendaya wears in virtual 85 Emmys when she wore a polka circle Point the Christopher John Rogers dress when she won her first award. But given that this year was in-person, Roach wanted another stylish moment that would take up space.

Of course, creating such a theatrical design is not without obstacles. Roach shared that Valentino actually made three dresses for Zendaya, and while they were all “incredible,” none of them felt quite right. Suddenly, he found the winning design in his dream. “I woke up in the middle of the night and called Valentino to have them make this new dress,” Roach said. “It was the last dress we tried on, and I have to thank the team so much. The women worked hard and everything was done by hand.” The dress was ready in about a week.



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