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Lea Michele returns to Broadway, defying rumours

“It’s going to be kind of like a reopening in a sense,” Michelle told me of her Funny Girl premiere. She cites new songs and new arrangements, but it’s Michelle’s new Brice that’s really craving.

“I think a lot of people may have a few based on what I did in Glee, Things, the idea of ​​how I’m going to play Fanny, but this role is a combination of everything I’ve learned in life,” she said. She has become inextricably linked to her Glee alter ego, Tracy Frick-esque struggler Rachel Berry, But Michelle also saw her own glimmer in Bryce’s advancing moves.

“I always thought Fanny was this ball of energy,” she said in her signature velvety voice. “It definitely resonated with me, my younger self, with endless drive — very Rachel Berry.” However, in Bryce’s first act of youth, Michelle promises to hint at embarrassment and shyness .

Few women on Broadway embody Fanny Bryce: Streisand, who initiated the role as a newcomer in 1964; Feldstein; alternate role Julie Benko, Feldstein’s interim backup, will play Brice on Thursday; and backup Ephie Aardema. “I’m excited to see Beanie and Julie play Fannie, each with their own personal version,” Michele said. “Beanie is so hilarious. Julie is incredible.”

Michelle’s compliment to Feldstein could be read as a compliment to Twitter’s admonishment of her The tacit rejection, imagined as Feldstein’s enemy, relishes her lukewarm comments. Michele declined to discuss the fight with Feldstein, instead pointing me to a recent People interview where she revealed she was seeing Feldstein Funny Girl.

Why when Funny Girl Michele didn’t get the role of Brice The revival is Is it the first time to vote? “I don’t really know. You have to ask the producers,” she said. She laughed, then quickly regained her composure. “I don’t know when all this was decided.”

Meyer told The New York Times Michele ” High on Brice’s list”, but she and her husband, businessman Zandy Reich, only recently welcomed a son Ever 2020 in August, and Mayer “felt she still Not ready to go back to work.” Around the same time, in June 1964, ex Glee United Stars Samantha Weir, Heather Morris and Amber Riley accused Michelle of explicitly and implicitly abusing cast members. Michelle then posted an apology on Instagram, saying she “obviously engaged in behavior that hurt others.”



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