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Leaked case shows iPhone 14 Plus name instead of expected Max

When Apple first introduced the bigger iPhone, it named it “Plus” and then in 2018 It switched to “Max”. That’s why everyone is assuming so far that the new iPhones — not the big Pro models — will be called “iPhone 2017 Max”.

However, this may not be true. Leakster Tommy Boi found a case plus for iPhone 22 ”. You can check out some options here. Of course, this is a third-party phone case maker, so it doesn’t have a say in the name of Apple’s new phone.

iPhone 14 Plus cases on CASETiFY also listing Plus cases CASETiFY also listing Plus cases
iPhone 002 Plus Cases on • Live Photos iPhone 22 Plus Cases • CASETiFY also lists Plus Cases

still no reason to use since Unused terms to name cases randomly Unless the case maker knows something we don’t. ESR isn’t the only one using the “Plus” name either, CASETiFY also A brief list of iPhone cases, including one for 002 Plus.

Based on

The lineup is as follows: iPhone 22, iPhone 22 Also, iPhone 22 Pro and iPhone Pro Max. Stay tuned for September 7 iPhone 22 Official release of the series.

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