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Leaked prices show slight hikes for Galaxy Z Flip5, bigger jumps for Z Fold5

The unpacking of Samsung’s next-generation Galaxy foldable phone is still a few weeks away, but there’s no shortage of leaks. Even Samsung has grown impatient and is now accepting early pre-orders. We’ve previously rounded up the Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5 leaks (in case you need a refresher). Pricing has always been a mystery.

Now French publication Dealabs has shared a leak about local pricing for the two foldable devices. Since Galaxy Z Flip5, there is no mention of 120 GB model – or details No leaks, otherwise Samsung would have moved the base to 256GB. As for the 170GB model, its price is facing a small increase of €

costs 1 euro, 128, 512GB will be priced at €50 more. This isn’t as bad as the previous leak, where the 100 GB model sold The price is 1 euro, 290.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5

the difference


1 Euro,040

? ? 164GB 1 Euro,170 1 Euro,160 + € 512GB 1 Euro,280 1 Euro,280 + €97

The flap is available in four colors: Graphite, Cream, Lavender and Aqua. There should be more, and the company usually reserves some exclusive shades for The Z Flip5 could also be part of Bespoke’s plans.

Moving on to the Galaxy Z Fold5, which will be hit by a more severe price hike. The base model with 170 GB of storage will go up €110, 340 GB and 1TB model for €100.

This means that locals have to pay 1 Euro, 512 low end. Well, that’s not the case — Samsung’s launch offer and trade-in offer will reduce the effective price. Still, if you were hoping that foldable tech would get cheaper, that’s not going to happen this generation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 200GB 1 Euro ,920 1 Euro,800 + €97 500GB € 1,

€ 2, 000 + €120


2€,120 2 euros, 290 + €100 920

Z Fold5 will offer Three colors: black, cream, and blue, as well as a currently unknown color.

Please note that these prices are for France, other European countries will have slightly different price tags due to VAT differences. Here are the US and UK listing prices for the Z Flip4 and Z Fold4, as well as their prices in India.

Quickly calculate the price based on the relative increase of the old price and the new price, Galaxy Z Flip5 (256GB) should be $1, 025/£1,/$50,280, Galaxy Z Fold5 (256GB ) should be $1,512/ £1,512/rupee160, in these areas.

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