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Learn More About Elizabeth Taylor's 8 Wedding Dresses

Even though Elizabeth Taylor has walked down the red carpet eight times, she has only stepped onto the red carpet once in a “traditional” bridal gown. Taylor’s first wedding to Conrad “Nicky” Hilton in 1950, when the actor was still a studio darling, was hosted by MGM with her elaborate The waisted gown was bespoke by costume designer Helen Ross.

Just two years later, Taylor dropped the fuss of marrying her next husband, Michael Wilding, in a demure dress and holding a sweet, understated bouquet of flowers. However, it was on the occasion of her third marriage to Mike Todd that Taylor showed signs of her eventual emergence as a drama diva. For their wedding in Acapulco, Mexico, she wore a white silk chiffon ensemble with a captivating hood.

That was also the last time she wore white on her wedding day. At Taylor’s five subsequent weddings, the Academy Award winner opted for an ever-changing color palette and styles that were in keeping with the trends of the time. Relive the Screen Girls as New Authorized Biography, Kate Andersen Brower Elizabeth Taylor: The Courage and Charisma of an Icon , Portrays Taylor’s Rollercoaster Romantic Life Numerous wedding styles.



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