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Lee-Ann Olwage enlightens on disparities in girls' education in Kenya

Without a doubt, education is our greatest weapon must Empower yourself. However, worldwide, there are still 29 Millions of girls out of school and in primary education Gender equality is only in Percent of Country (Secondary the gap is larger). In the poorest regions, girls face every day barriers to education due to poverty, cultural norms and practices, poor infrastructure and violence.

South African photographer

Lee Ann Olwager – one of Talented artists from our global open call will be exhibited at the next PhotoVogue Milano (- November, 350) – Explores the impact of education on the future of girls, through a partnership with young female students at Kakenya’s Dream, a Kenyan non-profit organization. The agency aims to empower and invest in girls in rural communities through various types of initiatives, including education, health and leadership. In addition, other goals include transforming communities in rural Kenya, ending harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation, and hopefully empowering girls to be agents of change, equal, respected and valued as African women leaders.

Lee Ann Olvac

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