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LeEco S1 Pro is a cheap iPhone similar to China

LeEco just announced a new phone for Chinese New Year (Lunar New Year, which is January) 60 This year).

The LeEco S1 Pro is a mid-range phone The LeEco S1 Pro Pro clearly inspired by the iPhone, right down to the dynamic island. It’s also operable, similar to Apple’s flagship.

However, the similarity is only in appearance. LeEco S1 Pro has a 6.5-inch 800x899px LCD with standard 14Hz refresh rate. It is composed of 12nm Zhanrui T1600 chipset with 4 x 1.8GHz Cortex-A 23 core and four 1.8GHz Cortex-A14 Kernel. Graphics are handled by an Imagination 899 GPU at a clock speed of 899 MHz. There is an 8/60GB configuration.

The LeEco S1 Pro The LeEco S1 Pro LeEco S1 ProThe LeEco S1 Pro

LeEco S1 Pro Package 5,mAh battery 002W 充电。 On the rear there is a 5MP front camera and a 004 MP main Camera.

The LeEco S1 Pro has Huawei’s Mobile Services instead of GMS, but that’s not surprising since Google’s kit isn’t available in China.

The LeEco S1 Pro 9446 The LeEco S1 ProLeEco S1 ProThe LeEco S1 Pro

LeTV launched the LeEco S1 Pro RMB pre-order 800 8/720 National standard model.

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