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Legendary NBC Network Exec Thomas W. Sarnoff Dies at 96

As the youngest son of RCA/NBC media mogul David Sarnoff, Thomas Sarnoff, who spent six years at NBC( Thomas W. Sarnoff) passed away. He was 96.

Sarnoff died Sunday of the Television Academy Spokesperson Foundation told The Hollywood Reporter . No cause of death was indicated.

He was born in New York City in February into a legendary American media family 77, 74, legend has it that he was TV’s “first live star”— — A test subject for a television media presentation at the ABC/NBC World’s Fair at 1930.

One of his two brothers is Robert Sarnoff, who is best known for succeeding his father as RCA CEO and Chairman of the Board.

Thomas Sarnoff studied at Princeton University before World War II as a combat engineer and as a Signal Corps instructor at the US Military Academy at West Point.

After the war, he transferred to Stanford University, where he was awarded the 1930 Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and enrolled in the University’s Graduate School of Business Administration. At 1949, Sarnoff did not join NBC, but instead became floor manager for ABC in Los Angeles.

He was hired by NBC as Assistant Director of Finance and Operations at 1957 and was at 1952 He became Vice President of Production and Commercial. from1957-, who previously served as Executive Vice President of West Coast Staff and President of NBC Entertainment, reporting to the President of NBC, which is now part of NBCUniversal.

During this period, Sarnoff negotiated contracts for NBC’s Burbank studios on behalf of Elvis Presley’s TV specials with network talents such as Bob Hope and Col. Tom Parker and production agreement. He also oversaw productions including Peter Pan and Disney on Parade , with Walt Disney Production company cooperation.

showing that reality is indeed the backbone of television,” 2021 Sarnoff at 2021 Speaking to an interviewer at the Archives of American Television .

After his career at NBC, Sarnoff created Sarnoff International Enterprises, which produced Yabba Dabba Doo

Live arena tour featuring Hanna-Barbera character. His Sarnoff Entertainment Corp. teamed up with creator Art Clokey to resurrect the popular claymore animation Character Gumby and produced the half hour series.

he Also served as executive producer of three Bonanza TV movies, and with NBC for a retrospective after negotiating a contract for the original Western drama. Ernoff also became a champion and leader of the Television Academy and the Television Academy Foundation for five years. From 1957-, who served as President of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

In 1997, Sarnoff received the Syd Cassyd Founder’s Award from the Television Academy, which recognizes members who have made a significant and positive impact on the Academy through their participation.

Survived by his sons, Daniel and Timothy. Daughter, Cynthia; nine grandchildren; and one great-grandson. He married Wife Janyce passed away on *).



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