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Leggings are all the rage – but can they really be chic?

Like it or not, leggings – often considered one of the 2010 worst trends ever – are clearly in. (These are also not to be mistaken for leggings: the leggings are cut off at the ankle!). Although they date back to the century, leggings really became popular in the 80 s, when When chemist Joseph Shivers created the first pair of Lycra fabrics. Here comes the ’80s, the leggings get edgier, like the shiny black leggings Olivia Newton-John wore in

Use with biker jacket grease

. Sao! However, it was during the 2010 years that leggings evolved into a popular wardrobe staple: People started wearing them as full pants, In a variety of treatments – from wild leopard styles to American Apparel disco pants.

mid 2010 )s is when athleisure really took off, with leggings and hoodies. Wool jackets became practical everyday uniforms. They never really left. Is it still comfortable and comfortable looking? Yes. An edgy fashion choice? Not quite. This season, however, designers are aiming to achieve the latter, designing them in a more refined way. At Saint Laurent, understated black leggings were paired with off-the-shoulder evening coats, while Ferragamo showed cream leggings paired with puff-shoulder jackets. Both looks feel surprisingly sleek and sophisticated.

It turns out that is a clear formula to pull off this new elevated leggings look. Making the leggings the focal point of the outfit is not the point, but the finishing touch to keep the overall look streamlined. Back in February, model Gigi Hadid wore tight leather leggings in New York (very

s her) in a bulky bomber jacket and baggy boots. Here’s the runway-sanctioned way to wear it—offset the tightness of leggings with a loose jacket or top. In fact, the modern way to wear leggings is to barely notice them: they should fade into the background of your other clothes. That’s the difference between today’s leggings and 2010.

Gigi Hadid is team leggings

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